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Thank god it’s is my personal web space. Since 2012 it grew from a fashion blog (former Thank god it’s Fashion) to an ethical webzine promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

Studying architecture brought me to blogging about fashion (weirdly, yes). Living abroad in both Paris and the Netherlands taught me a lot about culture and different work environments but was not fully satisfying. But like Raf Simons once said, “You’ll always return to Antwerp”.

My strive for (mental) health taught, and still teaches, me we need to take care of our planet and our own bodies and where the trigger for my search to a sustainable lifestyle.

Quitting my job in architecture was a risk I took to go after what I really want. The static desk job pushed me to make the best switch in my life yet!

My love for guiding people (with a slight push) towards a sustainable and green lifestyle resulted in starting my consulting business. I’m constantly looking for new ways to spread the green message through many different collaborations both on this website and on social media.

On my Instagram, you can find snapshots of my life, an easy way to keep up. On my blog, you can find deeper content and an extensive amount of pictures.
Together with my boyfriend, Donald van Ruiten, we conquer the web with So Uncalled-For and make some clean ass webdesign and branding. And if you want a piece of me you can buy the silkscreens I make on my webshop.

 You want to work with me on something?

I can do anything from designing your website, graphic design, silkscreen printing, copywriting, SEO, social media, cleaning out your beauty products and even greenify your life.

I’m also really good at talking, reading and cooking so maybe we can connect there.

Not satisfied yet?

Feel free to email me or we can grab some coffee!