How boring can we be as human beings that let ourselves face the same struggles every year. They either can be of a more serious kind or be extremely superficial. In my case the superficial kind overrules for sure. Currently the quest for the perfect winter coat is on my things-I-want-to-complete-before-winter-list. Although I have some favourites every year, always the same excuses keep me from buying them (no money, maybe it will be a hot winter, too cold,…).

This year the struggle got an extra dimension: finding the perfect winter coat for biking. Yes yes living in the Netherlands unavoidably involves biking and in my case it’s the perfect distance to be sweating your ass off but yet not far enough to could down again. Numerous times I arrived with my signature upper lip sweat (my excuses for this explicit detail) or in the case of winter, sweat everywhere. Probably I have this disease that implies an overproduction of body fluids -or am I just human- but still I put my hopes on the right coat for helping me with that.

This bomber surely does the trick since it’s that oversized that it ventilates pretty nicely, sadly it’s my boyfriends. I tried on numerous look-a-likes but no luck for now. I also realised that that perfect COS wool coat isn’t that convenient in the rain and my favourite Rains coat surely knows how to keep anything from ventilating. The struggle is on but I’m ready to conquer! Any tips?

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Wearing: pants – vintage, bomber – Pop London, shoes – Vagabond, sweater – H&M