Lessons in
awkward posing.

DSC_1145 (1)

Let’s say it is a good thing you guys didn’t see the pictures I deleted. I could have not posted this (and have no posts for another week) but maybe this one can learn you something. I would probably be a really good teacher in ‘awkard posing’. The hunchback and the duckface are moneymakers but the hairflip with closed eyes is also some serious business.
Is this lack of being photogenic maybe genetic? Sadly not. My sister and I, like many others, had a long history in making Netlog pictures and already then it was pretty clear I should try to go for another ambition in life rather than seducing a camera – or even making an effort.

Well yes my current occupations are not really following that advice and to my great frustration I feel like no progress is made. I became less shy in front of the camera but thats actually a problem since most of the time the result is kinda not what I had in mind or should be published.
So how to compete in a world where every blogger has his personal (and very professional) photographer and casual streetstyle pictures become almost real editorials? I have no f’ing clue!
The only thing that is in my pictures is realness. No perfect version of me – ok I have to admit I washed my hair right before- and no hours of editing. Otherwise I would have photoshopped the dirt on my shoes and those weird spots on my skirt.

But hey what do you think of these awesome overknees (only not ethical splurge in a while so please forgive).

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DSC_1148 (1)

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  • Alé jong, jij staat supermooi op deze foto’s! Geen editing nodig 😉
    Naomi, x