To blog or
not to blog


Happy easter y’all!
The past week was a strange one – referring to the current situation in my beloved country Belgium. I never before felt so happy to find myself in Rotterdam. And although the feeling of safety here is probably very artificial, it works for me.

So in honour of this city, the last post with pictures made by Maya. The building – Het groot handelsgebouw – is probably one of the best backdrops you can find over here and we had fun playing with contrast and light.

To tell you something about what I’m wearing for a change: the sweater is from Baserange bought at one of the cutest stores here in Rotterdam called Nen Xavier with a amazing range of Belgian design for those like me who crave that. But they also have some amazing ecological and ethical brands like Baserange – be sure to check that one out.

And to refer to the titel: to blog or not to blog, that’s my current question. A topic I really need to think about carefully. To say in the words of Geneva from A Pair and a Spare: It’s the only independent channel there’s left (with the current changes by Instagram but also Facebook, Pinterest and others). Still I question my relevancy in the blogosphere but I hopefully will (re)find that one soon.