well spent.

I used to have this anti-Amsterdam (Rotterdam is better) attitude. The crowded center couldn’t please me at all and the hordes of tourists either. Now, I’m changing my mind. I kinda miss a real city, a packed city, not only on the first day of sales. In this over-organised country Amsterdam is the only city that comes close to that, far from a Paris or a Brussels but it’s near.

I like to take anonymous walks on Sundays, drink liters of coffee in the sun by myself and watch the passersby. Still it would cost me quite some organs to be able to live there. Not ready for that yet, but maybe one day.

The coat was the most lucky I ever got in sale (50{1eacffa9ebeab588c36cec3d2da2b32fad3fa4c1e369410f800f367e980bc882} off you know), the hat is my proud succeeding in finding a sweatshop free hat and the sunglasses are Belgian based. Off course the shoes don’t need no introduction anymore but can I say again that they are my favourite?

More content inspiration soon! – I hope –